We cover all areas of the event production, from accompanying you on the site inspection of the venue, providing graphic illustration of the projected event, continuously monitoring the different phases of the production and up to post-event evaluation meetings.

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Corporate Events

EVENTEAM is a one stop shop for live corporate events. Once you have decided on the venue, we will place all our resources at your service, for example by means of a 3D design of the chosen space.

Do not Stress

Our first goal is to take the stress away from you! Let us have a brief about your needs and we will provide you with a comprehensive proposal including tailor made illustrations of stage sets for your event and venue, to ensure a detailed planning.

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Budget Control

It is very easy to lose track of the overall costs, especially in an area that you’re not truly familiar with. At EVENTEAM we are seriously concerned about your investment, so we make sure you will profit from the resources you booked and that there’s no waste.

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